Welcome to Kuldiga!

Take a deep breath. Exhale. Smile. Feel the magnificence of the Ventas rumba waterfall. Relax. No need to rush here. With the town’s ancient architecture as a background rushing seems out of place here.
Let yourself get lazy for a moment.
Take an example from many town’s cats, they know how to enjoy a moment of laziness. Sit down with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine in one of the many cafes in Kuldiga and relax.
So ….
Now you know how to relax in Kuldiga. Carry on.
Repeat at least 3x a year to keep yourself in shape.

Alekšupītes ekspedīcija PA STRAUMI - PRET STRAUMI!

Iespēja sajust Kuldīgas vecpilsētas šarmu, līkumojot pa Alekšupītes akmeņaino gultni, pārvarot nelielu ūdenskritumiņu, izložņājot cauri vairākiem maziem tiltiņiem un uzzinot seno namu noslēpumus.
Aicinām uz vēl nebijušu piedzīvojumu ar ūdens apaviem vasaras sezonā vai gumijas kombinezoniem pavasarī un rudenī!
Piesaki ekskursiju grupām – 29334403.

Piedzīvojums tapis projekta “Alekšupītes ekspedīcija” ietvaros ar LEADER atbalstu.

few facts about


Population of the town and county approx. 25 000. The vurrency, as in all Latvia is Euro. Latvia is part of the European Union.
In Kuldiga people speak Latvian, most young people speak at least a little English, and the 40+ generation speak at least a little Russian. Even if you do not understand any of these languages, smile – for the most part, Kuldiga people are helpful.
Kuldiga can be reached by private car or public buses. The distance to Riga is 160km, Liepaja 90km, Ventspils 60km, Baltic Sea coast and Jurkalne – 40km. Distance to Lithuanian capital Vilnius 402km, to Estonian capital Tallinn – 462km.
The biggest pride and tourist attraction of the city of Kuldiga is the Ventas Rumba, which is the widest waterfall in Europe, reaching 249m in the highest water (spring, autumn).

Another town’s key to its attractiveness is its old town, where the oldest preserved buildings and their details date back to the 16-17th century. Kuldiga got its name in 1242.
Kuldiga is an open town for tourists, where you will find more cafes and restaurants in a small area than in any other town in Latvia. The city prides itself on its excellent cuisine and hosts the twice-yearly themed Kuldīga Restaurant Week tastekuldiga.lv
In Kuldiga surroundings you can enjoy a leisurely holiday in the countryside on ecological nature farms with picturesque landscape. Children can pet farm animals, run barefoot on the grass and enjoy the water. Adults can embrace active recreation, indulge in gastronomic delights, explore a variety of tasting opportunities, or enjoy a leisurely romance.


Kuldiga town has a 2.5 km long walking path along the Venta river bank connecting Kuldiga old brick bridge (beginning from Pils iela) with the new bridge. The hiking trail is landscaped with well-tended paths, wooden footpaths, bridges over ravines, sightseeing areas, waste bins, benches and is illuminated at night.


This year ceramic workshop “Saules ceplis” has opened in Padure parish of Kuldīga district. The owner Madara Atiķe is of the few artists who make pottery using ancestral technology. The silver-black colors of these ceramics are achieved in Reduction firing process.


Already in the 17th-18th centuries Duke Jacob introduced coffee as one of the exclusive products in Kuldiga, developing trade between Kuldiga and other cities of the Hanseatic League and further afield. After a long time, coffee beans have returned to Kuldiga, where they are roasted and enjoyed as fresh, high quality coffee!