Discover interesting historical facts about symbols in church towers in the Baltic States

From 29th till 31 January in Kuldīga the partnership will take place in the partners’ meetings on studies and the use of their results in the development of tourism routes project “informal adult education to promote cultural tourism between the Baltic and the Nordic countries”.

During the seminar in Kuldīga, experts from Sweden, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania will present new research results on historical discoveries in these countries, including such as symbols in church towers in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. A study by the Institute of Geography of the University of Tartu concludes that the most of the ROEs in the church towers is in Estonia, a little less in Latvia, but in Lithuania it is not at all, because there are crosses in the church towers. Interestingly, some churches, such as in the village Kanepi of Estonia, do not have a rooster, no cross, but a morning star at the tower end. The Russian Lutheran churches, according to the Eisens Study (1926), have never been a rooster in the towers.

The following illustration of a study by the Geography Institute of the University of Tartu shows the location of the towers of the Estonian countryside churches. In addition, the picture also includes symbols for churches and towers destroyed during the Second World War. It is common knowledge that the churches in Kolga-Jaani, Helmes and Tarvastu, who now have a cross tower, have also had a rooster in the past, thereby demonstrating a change of historical tradition in former Livoniya.

During the seminar, there will also be a gathering of experience exchanges and studies between experts from different countries on the development of cultural tourism products, strengthening the competences of cultural and tourism workers using non-formal methods In adult education.

The established non-formal adult learning methodology for the planning of cultural routes will also be reviewed. The publication has been a project of “informal adult learning for the promotion of cultural tourism between the Baltic and the Nordic countries”. (Project “Informal Adults ‘ Education for Cultural Tourism Promotion between the Baltic and Nordic Countries”.

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